Add your band in the game

Do you have a rock band? So do not miss the opportunity to spread it to more than 2 million people every month on Guitar Flash.

The game has a loyal fan base on its 2 versions for PC (Site and App on Facebook) and mobile app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. If you prefer, you can see more information about our numbers on the site

How do I get my band in the game?
First of all, you should send an email to presenting your band and indicating links to your songs, this way we can evaluate the possibility of your songs to be added in the game. If your band is approved, we will send a reply to your email with a standard statement of authorization. We remind you that this authorization is obligatory for the band participate in the game.

Do I need to pay something for my band get into the game?
No. Approved bands do not have to pay to enter in the game and receive a wide divulgation on it. As the bands help us giving your songs to the game for free, we do not charge by the divulgation that the songs will have in the game. We remember that the game is only a means of outreach to the band and therefore we will not sell and do not allow anyone downloading songs to run out of the game.